Wicked Wales/Ffresh Festival in partnership with the British Council and Wales Arts International



  • Short Film competition (1-15 minutes) for young film-makers aged 16-30 from Kolkata (india) and Wales
  • Kolkata film-makers: create a film about your perception of Wales
  • Welsh film-makers: create a film about your perception of India
  • Free to enter
  • Open at all abilities and all technologies
  • Closing date: Friday 15th September 2017

The two winning film makers from each country will have the opportunity to visit each other country to see their films screened and make a new film

Wicked Wales and Ffresh Film Festival in Wales have joined forces to launch a challenge to young film makers of all abilities in India and Wales!

We’re asking film makers aged 16-30 in Wales to make a short film about their PERCEPTION of India and young people in India to make a short film about their PERCEPTION of Wales. We want you to capture a visual image and make a cultural statement based on your perception of the countries.

We welcome short film entries from all abilities and using any technology available, including mobile phones as-well as cameras!

Two winners from Wales will have their films screened in Kolkata and will be invited to India, the two winners from India will have their films screened at the Wicked Wales International Youth Film Festival in October 2017 and be invited to attend.

Whilst the winning film makers are visiting the countries, they will be asked to make a short film about the REALITY of the Country on their visit.

Closing date for entries will be Friday 15th September 2017.

We will be working in partnership with British Council Wales, British Council Kolkata, Wales Arts International, Welsh Government and Centre for Cultural Engagement Wales. The competition is part of India Wales, a major season of artistic collaboration between the two countries to mark the UK-India Year of Culture.



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Rules and Regulations

Short film Competition Start date 28th July 2017- Closing date 15th September 2017.

The organising partners of the Wales/India Film Competition are Wicked Wales Film Festival, Ffresh Film Festival, British Council Wales, Wales Arts International and British Council Kolkata.

General Conditions

Films will be accepted which have been made since July 2017. Films for the competition can be submitted by young film makers in Wales and Kolkata between the ages of 16yrs - 30yrs.

The closing date for entries is 15th September 2017.

Films of racist and pornographic contents, as well as films which promote violence and hatred shall not be included in selection.

There is no entry fee.

The Competition has two selection Juries. One Jury in Wales judging films from Wales and one Jury in India judging the films from India.

The number of films entered is limited to three per person. If more than one film is entered each film must have a separate application form and should have a separate file.

Films with a dialogue which is not English must have subtitles in English.

Each application form ought to be accompanied by additional material. Directors photo, 2 photos from the film (resolution at least 300dpi).

The film entered must be the final version of the film. For films from India please identify as FROM INDIA on the application.

All costs of applying and sending the application form, other materials and films are borne by the sender

The Festival will use the films exclusively for non commercial and educational purposes. The film maker is obliged to allow the screening of the film at the Festival without any fees.

Anyone who enters the competition must guarantee that they are the holders of the copyright and have the rights for all other material used in the film.

The organisers have the right to use and publish photographs, materials sent with the application form in the Festival brochure, on their websites and for publicity uses.

Accepting the Rules and Regulations

By entering the competition the person who registers the film accepts all the conditions stipulated in these rules and regulations.